de-ce2Because I am willing to prove that nothing can knock down a dream and because disability does not stay in the way of success, I have decided to find within myself, each day, the motivation to go on further and show people that even in Romania para-cycling can be a sport practiced and loved by the public.

With a gold medal at my neck, passion and wish to take my dream to the next objective, I want to tell you that in sport, and especially in para-cycling, each race, each competition and each victory are accompanied by work and unconditional support from those around me.

Although medals shine brightly, I believe the purpose of performance sport is to change people’s lives. The power of example, the events I take part to and the projects I implicated myself into along the time, all stand as proof of my desire to draw Romanians’ attention towards the importance of para-cycling.

I therefore invite you that next time you ride a bicycle to enjoy it twice, for yourself and for those who did not yet have this possibility. This way, we will learn to never give up our dreams no matter the circumstances.  







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